Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed into law New York’s first ever property tax cap in June 2011.

Coming on the heels of a devastating recession, and with New York having the highest property taxes in the nation, this was a historic moment that sent a clear signal Governor Cuomo was doing something to reverse New York’s reputation as the tax capital of the nation.

The tax cap requires local governments and school districts to limit the growth of property taxes to no more than 2 percent, or the rate of inflation, whichever is less.

So far the property tax cap has been an extraordinary success - saving billions of dollars for homeowners, businesses, and schools.

70% of New Yorkers support the property tax cap, according to a recent poll. But it’s set to expire.

Let’s tell Albany that we need to “Keep the Cap” by extending the law.


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Why we should keep the cap

Property taxes after the cap

Why we should keep the cap

The cap is working

Before it expires, let's tell Albany to #keepthecap