Middle Class Recovery Act

The New York State budget is about choices – we choose to give every New Yorker a fighting chance.

Because millionaires don’t need a tax break, we do. 


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Support Governor Cuomo and his efforts to strengthen the middle class


Free College Tuition for Middle Class Families

 With NY students facing an average loan debt of $30,000, the Governor’s first-in-the-nation plan will provide free and fully covered college tuition assistance for nearly 1 million middle-class families.

Middle Class Tax Cuts

Eligible families could receive over $600 in tax credits, and the average benefit for eligible families will double.

Public School Investments

 The Governor has made a historic investment in funding for public education, including $6.1 billion or a 31% increase over the last 6 years.

Property Tax Cuts

The Governor’s property tax cap and freeze program has resulted in $17 billion in taxpayer savings, with the typical homeowner saving over $2,000 a year.



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