What will it take for New York Republicans to give up on Donald Trump?

State GOP Chairman Ed Cox and past Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s continued support of Donald Trump flies in the face of common sense.

As if it’s not enough that Donald Trump has perpetually made sexist, racist remarks throughout his campaign – he now thinks it’s ok to openly disparage women and objectify his own daughter. As the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump continues to set the bar lower and lower – and with this latest offense, he has finally hit rock bottom.

At the same time, Hillary Clinton and our state’s Democrats have fought tooth and nail to expand hope and opportunity for all New Yorkers. From raising the minimum wage to $15 to creating well-paying jobs and investing in education, we continue to focus on what matters most – and that is improving the quality of life for New York’s families.

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Donald Trump and his Republican inner circle continue to do the opposite – working to lift up the few at the expense of the many. New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox, County Executive Rob Astorino and other leaders need to reevaluate where they stand this election. Those who continue to endorse this despicable candidate are sending a dangerous message to the American people.Enough is enough. It’s time to end this charade: Ed Cox, Rob Astorino and other New York State GOP leaders must dis-endorse Donald Trump now.

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Mayor Byron Brown
Chairman, New York State Democrats