Unions From Across New York Endorse Cuomo-Hochul

Cuomo-Hochul: Democratic Leadership that Delivers Real Progressive Change

Unions: Governor Cuomo Has Delivered for Working Families Across New York State

New York, NY – The Grand Marshal of the 2014 NYC Labor Day Parade, Chris Erikson of IBEW Local 3, joined unions from across New York State today to endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo for Governor and former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul for Lieutenant Governor. In making the endorsement, the groups praised the Governor’s leadership on protecting worker’s rights, increasing the minimum wage and creating jobs throughout the state.

“On behalf of the over 25,000 Amalgamated Transit Union members from around the State, I am proud to support Governor Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul. Governor Cuomo has shown tremendous leadership when it come to transit issues in this State, and I have no doubt that leadership will continue when he is reelected.” – John Lyons, President/BA ATU Local 1179, Chairman ATU NYS Legislative Conference

“Governor Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul are committed to making New York work for working people. Governor Cuomo has created hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs and is working to create even more opportunities with strategic public works projects that benefit us all. IBEW is proud to endorse Governor Cuomo and Kathy Hochul as the right choice for labor in the democratic primary.” – Chris Erikson, Business Manager of IBEW Local 3 and Grand Marshal of 2014 NYC Labor Day Parade

“Andrew Cuomo is just the type of man we need to lead New York. He respects the rights of New York’s working men and women while understanding at the same time that holding the line on taxes and spending makes New York a place where people want to do business, And where there’s business combined with an empowered workforce, there’s economic development and good jobs. That’s what New York State needs.” – Bobby Bonanza, Business Manager of the Mason Tenders’ District Council

“Governor Cuomo’s commitment to hard working men and women makes him the right choice for our union and New York State. His investment in infrastructure spending has created thousands of jobs for our members. We are proud to stand with Governor Cuomo in his campaign for reelection.” – Joseph Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, NYC District Council of Carpenters

“In four years, Governor Andrew Cuomo has worked hard to rebuild New York’s infrastructure, from bridges in Buffalo to roads in Brookhaven and everywhere in between, putting Operating Engineers to work. The New York State Conference of Operating Engineers proudly endorses Governor Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul and we look forward to working together to continue building a better New York State.” – Dan McGraw, President, NYS Conference of Operating Engineers

“Governor Cuomo has been instrumental in creating more construction jobs in New York in the last 4 years than in the last two decades combined. Kathy Hochul understands the importance of job creation. Hochul knows when the construction industry is busy, permanent job opportunities follow thus creating places for our young to work. With a team like Cuomo and Hochul the next 4 years will only be better. For these reasons the New York State Pipe Trades endorse the Cuomo Hochul team.” – Mike McNally, President, NYS Pipe Trades

“The New York State Teamsters is proud to endorse Governor Cuomo for reelection. We have seen first-hand how his leadership has given strength to the working people of New York. He enacted a new law to protect commercial drivers from wage theft and union busting. He made New York a leader on gay rights by passing marriage equality. In the next term, we look forward to working together to pass the DREAM Act, raise the minimum wage, and bring good jobs to New York.” – George Miranda, President of Teamsters Joint Council 16, representing the New York State Teamsters Conference

“We are pleased to join with progressive allies throughout the state in supporting Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul. We look forward to working with the Governor in fulfilling his commitments for a strengthened minimum wage, a state Dream Act, and increased opportunities for good jobs for New Yorkers. Too many working people are hurting in this state and need a governor who knows how to get things done and who will fight for them. We are proud to support the Cuomo-Hochul team.” – Stuart Appelbaum, President, RWDSU

“As Governor, Andrew Cuomo has been a true leader on behalf the working men and women of New York State. Local 338 is proud to endorse him, along with his running mate Kathy Hochul, for re-election. His leadership in passing the Compassionate Care Act is a real victory for New Yorkers who are facing real illnesses. He has increased the minimum wage, created jobs throughout New York State and has fought to protect the rights of workers. And in the next four years, he will continue those fights to ensure that New York is a state where workers can live and raise their families.” – John Durso, President of RWDSU Local 338

“Governor Cuomo made our decision to endorse him much easier when he publicly supported a minimum wage increase to $10.10. Our members know that raising standards for all New Yorkers is the right thing to do. Kathy Hochul proved to be a strong advocate in Congress for working men and women. We are confident she will continue to fight in Albany to strengthen the middle class and protect workers.” – Scott Phillipson, SEIU Local 200United President

“We are proud to endorse Governor Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul, who have a plan and a vision for jobs and the utmost respect for equality and civil and human rights. This entire slate of statewide candidates best meet the needs of UAW members and their families and will stand with working men and women across the great state of New York.” – UAW Region 9 Director Terry Dittes

“Governor Cuomo has committed to move a progressive legislative agenda for working families in his next term. We look forward to reelecting the Governor and electing all of our endorsed candidates. We can make New York an even greater and stronger state for working people.” – UAW Region 9A Director Julie Kushner

“The leadership of New York State’s largest supermarket workers’ union, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1500 have given Governor Cuomo their endorsement to be re-elected as Governor of the State of New York. Throughout his career, Governor Cuomo has been an unwavering supporter of working men and women across our state. Through his policies, Governor Cuomo has shown us he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He is a man of action. We live in difficult political times and New Yorkers know the leadership, direction and hope the Governor has given New Yorkers the last four years. In the next four years, Governor Cuomo will continue to lead the way for working men and women. He works hard every day for the average New Yorker and now the 23,000 members of this Union are going to work hard to see that he is re-elected Governor of the State of New York.” – Bruch Both, President of UFCW Local 1500

“The Governor has been extremely responsive in job retention efforts to job development opportunities across the state.” – John Shin, Region Director USW


The following labor unions have endorsed Cuomo-Hochul:

1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East


Amalgamated Transit Union

Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater New York

Communication Workers of America

Hotel Trades Council

IBEW Local 3

NYC District Council of Carpenters

NYS Building & Construction Trades Council

NYS Conference of Operating Engineers

NYS Pipe Trades Association

NYS Teamsters Conference: Teamsters Joint Council 16, Joint Council 18, Joint Council 46

Mason Tenders’ District Council


RWDSU Local 338

SEIU Local 200United

Transit Workers Union Local 100

UAW Region 9 & 9a

UFCW Local 1500

United Steel Workers

Workers United


Governor Cuomo has restored New York’s rightful place as the progressive capital of the nation, showing that government can work and serve all New Yorkers:

  • Increased the minimum wage.
  • Over the last four years, the Governor has led an unprecedented effort to improve our state’s infrastructure and put more New Yorkers to work. The mission of Governor’s New York Works Task Force to expedite priority infrastructure projects and streamline procurement methods has been achieved, as the state has experienced significant growth in capital spending, and is committed to spend more than $21 billion on transportation infrastructure projects over the next five years.
  • Supports contracts with hospitality workers statewide that will ensure middle class wages and fair employment terms for tens of thousands of employees.
  • Supports the DREAM Act that would allow undocumented students who graduate from high school or receive GED’s in New York State to receive State financial aid through the Tuition Assistance Program.
  • Provided a blueprint for how good jobs can be created at gaming facilities across the state with the passage of Proposal #1, and supported labor peace agreements with potential upstate casino operators to protect the State’s proprietary interest.
  • Bypassed Republican State Senate opposition to implement universal healthcare more effectively than nearly every other state in the nation. To date New York State’s health exchange has signed up over a million New Yorkers for high quality, low cost health insurance.
  •  Secured an $8 billion federal waiver to support struggling hospitals in Brooklyn and other communities as well as increase access and improve the quality of healthcare for New Yorkers.
  • Enacted structural reform of Medicaid through an innovative Medicaid Redesign Team to improve patient care, while saving billions of dollars that can be reinvested into services for New Yorkers.


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