Trump: Crude, Dangerous, and Disgusting

Donald Trump is a life-long misogynist whose so-called ‘values’ go against everything New York and this nation stand for. Yesterday, the world witnessed Trump’s crude, dangerous, disgusting, and candid boasts about his unwanted sexual advances on women. But the warning signs were always there.

You would think that after this revelation, nobody could possibly still support Trump, but Ed Cox, Rob Astorino and New York’s top Republicans continue to give him cover and be his top supporters. Showing no embarrassment for lending his organization’s name to thousands of Pro-Trump mailings sent across the country, Ed Cox brazenly sent an invitation for a ‘Women for Trump’ rally hours after this disturbing video’s release.

New York State Democrats, led by Governor Cuomo, have fought for women at every turn. We’ve fought for the Women’s Equality Act, for Equal Pay for Equal work, and for a woman’s right to choose, values the state’s Republican Party has fought every step of the way. This latest insult to women, and all New Yorkers, just highlights that the fight is far from over.

Please chip in $3 and help us continue to fight for candidates who fight for women, not demean them.

Christine C. Quinn
Vice Chair
New York State Democrats