Thousands of New Yorkers Demand Astorino Come Clean and Release Tax Returns

New York, NY – New Yorkers are demanding that Rob Astorino come clean and release his tax returns. An online petition circulated late last week already has more than 5,400 signatures and counting.

“By only giving one year of tax returns instead of five years, Rob Astorino is being too cute by one fifth.  There is only one reason that he won’t come clean with New Yorkers – he must be hiding something. What’s in those four years of missing tax returns that Rob Astorino doesn’t want New Yorkers to see? – Peter Kauffmann, NYSDC spokesman

Leaders from across the state are making their voices heard today, demanding that Rob Astorino meet the minimum level of transparency for statewide candidates:

“Rob Astorino’s defiance of the long-held practice of gubernatorial nominees releasing multiple years of tax returns is just another example of the double standard we have come to expect from his campaign. It is time for Mr. Astorino to offer the same transparency he has demanded from others and demonstrate to the voters that he has nothing to hide. Transparency builds trust, and currently Mr. Astorino’s actions continue to prove that he is undeserving of the trust of voters by refusing to provide New Yorkers with a full accounting of his finances.” – Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle

“Mr. Astorino,  if you want to run for statewide office, you have to meet a minimum level of transparency.  The question is:  Why won’t Astorino release his returns for the years he’s been serving as County Executive?” – Rich Schaffer, Chairman of the Suffolk County Democratic Party and Supervisor of Babylon Township

“George Pataki set the absolute minimum standard of transparency for Republicans during his first campaign for governor when he released five years of tax returns.   If it wasn’t clear already, New Yorkers now see that Rob Astorino is no George Pataki. It’s time for him to release his returns and let New Yorkers know what he’s hiding.” – Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

“With so many questions swirling about his outside income and second-jobs, Rob Astorino should come clean with New Yorkers and release his tax returns. Its hard to fathom why he refuses to release his tax return.  Is he hiding something?” – Majority Leader Catherine Borgia, Westchester County Board of Legislators


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