Strong Leadership that’s Working for New York

New York, NY – “No matter how many tales Rob Astorino tries to spin, the facts are clear – Governor Cuomo’s strong leadership is working for New York. When Governor Cuomo took office, New York faced a $10 billion deficit and state government was dysfunctional. After four consecutive on-time balanced budgets, with 500,000 new jobs created and the most jobs in state history, New York’s economy is on the move once again.” – Peter Kauffmann, NYSDC Spokesman

FACT: The state’s economy has added 500,700 new jobs since the beginning of Governor Cuomo’s Administration.

FACT: Every New Yorker pays a lower income tax rate today than they did the day Governor Cuomo took office.

FACT: There are currently over 7.4 million jobs in New York State — the most in history.

FACT: New York State is ranked second in job growth.

FACT: Middle class taxes are at the lowest rate since 1953.

FACT: New York State’s credit rating is the highest it has been in over 40 years.

FACT: Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, state-spending growth has been held under 2 percent.

FACT: The corporate tax rate is at its lowest level since 1968.

FACT: The income tax rate for manufacturers is now zero percent, the lowest rate since the tax was put in place in 1917.

FACT: The Governor eliminated the MTA payroll tax for schools and thousands of businesses.

FACT: To reduce the burden of the estate tax on small, family-owned businesses and farms, and stem the exodus of New Yorkers who were literally moving to die, Governor Cuomo worked to increase the threshold of the estate tax value to the federal exemption level.


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