For the second time in a week, Republican Rob Astorino got caught repeating another lie. Trying to attack Governor Cuomo, the hapless Astorino campaign used a study to bash Albany.

Unfortunately, the study ended in 2010, a year before the Governor took office. And just last week, the national political fact-checking watchdog PolitiFact named Astorino a liar for his absurd claim that “the state of New York is the “worst in the nation in economic recovery.’”

This is becoming a pattern…

Astorino False photo

“Just days after a nationally recognized fact-checking group called him a liar for falsely trashing New York’s growing economy, ultraconservative Republican Rob Astorino just got caught at it again. This time, Astorino cited a report to attack the Governor – only problem is that the study covered a period ending before the Governor took office. This has become a predictable pattern. With no credibility and no traction, why should Rob Astorino let facts get in the way of his increasingly desperate attacks?” said NYSDC spokesperson James Freedland.

Here are some recent lowlights from Rob Astorino’s tortured relationship with the truth:


Rob Astorino has repeatedly made the claim that he received 25% of the African-American vote and a majority of the Latino vote in his reelection for Westchester County Executive in 2013, despite never having shown any evidence to back that claim up.


When Astorino announced he was running for Governor, he claimed he would have fundraising commitments of $15 million – but he raised less than $3 million since January.


In an attempt to make voters forget that Westchester County is the highest taxed county, not only in New York, but in the nation, Rob Astorino claimed in his announcement video that he cut the tax levy “more than any other county in the state.” That’s outright false –and he got called out on it in Syracuse by YNN reporter Bill Carey. See the video here.

Here are the facts: Onondaga County was able to reduce its county tax levy by 22% over a four year period from 2010 to 2014. In contrast, over the same four years, Westchester reduced its tax levy by 2.1% –which was done by the county legislature by overriding Astorino’s veto.


Astorino “emphasized his efforts to hire and appoint minority candidates to lead county agencies” under his watch. But in reality, Rob Astorino has not hired a single commissioner of color on his team in Westchester. Not only has Astorino not hired anyone of color to lead County Departments, but he dismissed Marguerite Beirne, the Commissioner-level Chief Information Officer, a Latina, when he took office.


In Republican Rob Astorino’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention, he said, “…I support term limits for state legislators and their leaders. Yes, as governor of New York, I will term limit myself out, just like I did as County Executive of Westchester.”…Except that he didn’t sign the bill.



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