What is Rob Astorino Hiding?

What is Rob Hiding?

Rob Astorino has been county executive for five years and a candidate for governor for six months, but he has yet to release his tax returns. Earlier this week, the NYSDC formally called on Astorino to release five years of his returns, the minimum level of transparency established by Republican gubernatorial candidate George Pataki in 1994. When Governor Cuomo first ran for Attorney General in 2006, he released 14 years of his returns. He has released his returns every year since then – covering 22 years of his personal income tax returns.

“With only 46 days to go before Election Day, why won’t Rob Astorino meet even the minimum level of transparency? What’s the hold up? If you have nothing to hide, Rob, release your tax returns. The people of New York deserve to know what you’re hiding.” — Peter Kauffmann, NYSDC spokesman

To help encourage Astorino to provide the minimum level of transparency for New Yorkers, the New York State Democratic Committee is starting a petition that calls on Astorino to release five years of his returns.


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