Rob Astorino’s Goal: More Guns In Our Schools

At Firearms Gun Festival, Republican Rob Astorino Says, “If Elected He’ll Support…Goal To Get Guns Back In Schools”

New Yorkers Deserve To Know Why Astorino Thinks We Need More Guns In Our Schools 

NEW YORK – At the Sullivan County Friends with Firearms Gun Festival this weekend, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino made the shocking admission that, if elected, he would support the “goal to get guns back in schools” across New York State. The New York State Democratic Committee called on Astorino to explain his plan to increase the number of firearms in our schools.

“When New Yorkers think about ‘back to school’ shopping, guns are not what come to mind. With these shocking comments, Republican Rob Astorino has proven once again that his ultraconservative views are dangerously out of step with mainstream New Yorkers. The people of this state have the right to know why a candidate for Governor thinks we need more guns in our schools,” said NYSDC spokesperson Peter Kauffmann.


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