NYSDC Leadership


Sheila Comar

Executive Committee Chair

Sheila Comar was elected chair of the Executive Committee of the New York State Democratic Party at their fall meeting on November 16th.

She received a BA from the University of Connecticut, worked for 30 years in the title insurance industry serving on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association and retired from Vermont Attorneys Title Corp. in April 2011. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Slate Valley Museum in Granville NY and is past president and current member of the Granville Lions Club.  She joined the Granville Democratic Committee in 2000 serving as its chair, then secretary of the Washington County Democratic Committee prior to becoming county chair in 2004.  She joined the Democratic Rural Conference in 2002 and has been a member of the NYS Democratic Party Executive Committee for the past 4 years as Assistant Treasurer.  She lives on the Vermont/New York border in Middle Granville with her husband, Lee, on a small farm in a restored historic 1832 home.  She has 2 married children (Scott and Jennifer) and 2 grandchildren.

“As a Democrat, I have continuously struggled to find a welcome inclusion in rural upstate government. This is slowly changing. It is my goal as Chair of the Executive Committee to support and promote the values that rural as well as urban Democrats share. Democratic candidates in all parts of our state will succeed when we show a united front. Democrats working together can make a difference.”